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Integrated Security Solutions

   Access Control Access control methods are used to monitor and control traffic through specific access points and areas of the secure facility. This is done using a variety of systems including CCTV surveillance, identification cards, security guards, and barriers to entry like electronic/mechanical control systems such as locks, doors, and gates.
   Intrusion Detection Alarm systems are installed to alert personnel when unauthorized access is attempted.  They serve to protect your life and property and when used properly and as part of a protection system they are very effective in accomplishing their goal.
  Perimeter Security

No matter what perimeter you wish to protect, you deserve a security solution you can trust around the clock, and in any weather and light conditions. A perimeter protection solution detects potential and real intrusion threats, and allows you to take quick action when something really happens.

  Loss Prevention

A leader in the RFID and IOT Sensor industry combining in-depth hardware and software solutions capability backed with over 1000 installations in 26 countries representing 10s of thousands of read points. In addition to solutions, Venture Research maintains a

 24x7 proactive support center to ensure the installations provide non-stop operation.


  Asset Tracking According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 11,625 equipment thefts were reported to the National Crime Information Center. The chart below only shows the top 5 states which account for 41% of the total reported thefts in 2014. In addition to these states, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana are among the top 10 states where heavy equipment was reported stolen.

Our hardware, software, and data solutions allow you to know where your assets are at all times, saving you time tracking them down, money from them not being in use, and the headaches from assets in limbo or not working properly .  Designed as a turnkey tracking solution our hardware, web portal, and data connection is a tightly integrated system that will work for you, monitoring your assets 24/7.

   Fleet Management  

  Video Surveillance
     Video Monitoring
     Virtual Guard Tour
     Hosted Recording
     Video Forensics
     Virtual Gate
     Command Center

Surveillance cameras can be a deterrent when placed in highly visible locations, and are also useful for incident verification and historical analysis also called video foren

IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The ultimate benefit of this over analogue CCTV systems is greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation.

Modern systems give you the ability to review your videos, live or recorded.  You can also remotely arm or disarm your system and review the current status.  In many instances you can also control remotely energy and power devices and other systems can alert you when a sensor is activated.
  Security Officers
    Armed & Unarmed Guards
     Uniformed Officers
     Access Control/ Inspections
     Patrol & Escort
     Emergency Response
We take protection seriously.  We offer Armed and Unarmed Security Guards to fill any of your residential, corporate, or industrial needs.  From routine security patrols, to entry-point security, or simply a special event, we have a formidable group of trained and certified officers usually come from the military or law enforcement, some are professional security specialist, and we use off-duty police officers in the some occasions when we need active law enforcement skills and knowledge, or by request of the customer.
    Executive Protection Is not just a bodyguard, it's protection.  Whether you are a VIP or celebrity, in which your protection cannot interfere with your lifestyle, or protecting corporate executives who are traveling to dangereous or unstable environments, Olympus has the personnel with the experience to handle the situation.

We provide:
Executive and VIP Protection
Executive Residential Protection
Executive Drivers
Asset Protection
and are able to arrange for
Protective Clothing and gear
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Security Canines
    Security Details
      Incident Investigations

      Misconduct Investigations
     Compliance Investigations
     Due Diligence Investigations
     Background Checks
     Interviews & Interrogations
Our experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services. Whether you’re concerned with internal employee issues such as theft, Ponzi schemes or other types of corruption, or external worries such as internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, or due diligence matters, we offer the expertise to get you answers and recover your assets quickly.

  Residential Gated Communities Whether is one house or a whole community, we have the integrated security assetts to make it more secure.  Entrance gates with armed protection, patrol services, security perimeter detection, alarms, panic buttons, and emergency response, they all unite to provide you and your family the best protection avaliable.ics.  For example, if alarms are being generated and there is a camera in place, the camera could be viewed to verify the alarms.  In instances when an attack has already occurred and a camera is in place at the point of attack, the recorded video can be reviewed. Although the term closed-circuit television (CCTV) is common, it is quickly becoming outdated as more video systems lose the closed circuit for signal transmission and are instead transmitting on IP camera networks.  Video monitoring does not necessarily guarantee that a human response is made to an intrusion. A human must be monitoring the situation real time in order to respond in a timely manner. Otherwise, video monitoring is simply a means to gather evidence to be analyzed at a later time. However, advances in information technology are reducing the amount of work required for video monitoring, through automated video analytics.

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