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Security Services

  Consulting Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

  Security Management Security management is the identification of an organization's assets (including information assets), followed by the development, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting these assets.  Out teamof experts can conduct a full review of your physical security program to identify threats and vulnerabilities, the effectiveness of your current plan, and the changes required to include your security posture without interfering with your operation.
  Design & Planning Designing and constructing safe and secure cost effective buildings has always been one of Olympus' primary goals. To design and construct a safe and secure building, a collaborative approach to the design process is required, starting at the conceptual phase of the project and continuing throughout the process. It is necessary for all persons responsible for the safety and security of the building components to interact closely throughout the entire design and construction process. This means that all interested parties involved in issues pertaining to safety and security understand the issues and concerns of both parties.

We design using the princuples of zones of protection and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  We take every measure into accounts to include site and lanscape, vehicular control, lighting, and signage, to mention a few.
  Operations & Training Olympus Security offer services that provide situational awareness through the detection, containment, and remediation of threats. The SOC offering manages incidents for the enterprise, ensuring they are properly identified, analyzed, communicated, actioned/defended, investigated and reported. The SOC offering also monitors applications to identify a possible attack or intrusion (event) and determine if it is a real, malicious threat (incident), and if it could have a business impact.
Training is our number one priority.  Our personnel are completed vested in our training program prior to deployment.  Our expert set of instructors is ready to train your organization on security subjects from Concealed Handgun Licenses/ License to Carry (CHL/LTC), NRA certified subjects like pistol, rifle, and shoutgun, hand-to-hand combat, to ethics and accountability and loss prevention.  Call us, see the diference we can make...
  Managed & Hosted Solutions We provide continuous monitoring tools, diagnosis and mitigation activities to strengthen the security of  your  program. Using the Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) approach, any eligible agency or company can retain us for turn-key monitoring and security-risk mitigation services.  Our offerings included managed and hosted access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, were we can host and managed the security platforms so you don't have to.
Deployment & Verification Whether you are deploying a team of our security experts or a new alarm system, you can always count with Olympus doing it right.  We have our own set of investigators that will go to he job site to follow-up on any incidents, internal or external, and expert personnel that will go inspect the job to make sure the job is done right.
  Vulnerability Assessments Olympus Private Security Solutions can provide an unbiased look at your program, your procedures, or your physical security needs?  Sometimes you need an outsider you can trust to keep your information secured and confidential; in most cases, our personnel hold government security clearances and have extensive experience in their fields.  We understand risk.  We look at your systems elements and mission to identify the potential hazards and challenges that you and your organization face.  From a simple burglary, to a kidnapping, or a full-scale assault to a government facility, we identify and analyze the potential threat, the appropriate safeguards, and the required response to safeguard life, property, and mission accomplishment.
  Monitoring & Response From alarm, perimeter, and video monitoring to response, we make sure that the threat is neutralized.  What good is monitoring without an immediate response?  A good security program has a contingency for reacting to the threats in an inmediate and terminal manner.  We respond quicker than law enforcement or EMS, so it's not only againts armed or unarmed bandits, we could be a lifesaver too.
  Passenger Screening It is important that all passengers in pblic and private transportation are screened for the protection of both the crew and the other passengers.  The same is true of the attendees to special events like concerts or the Superbowl.  What makes a difference in the courteous interaction with the public and the efficient management of the system to avoid delays.  Both qualities that we stressed in our security officers.

  Installation & Service We have listed this service last because it is the most critical.  Out technicians interact directly with our customers and usually is the reflection of the company on you.  Before they go to your house or business, we insure that the technicians are trained and ready toperform the service.  We run all our techs throught background checks, State credentialing, and if needed psychological and/or drug test.  We want to make sure our techs are the best impresion of out company, and that you know and feel completely safe with them.


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