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 If interested please email with your resume.

  Private Investigators
    Please send an email  with your information, license number, area of coverage and rate.
  Security Project Manager  (Captain)
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  Security Supervisor  (Lieutenant)
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  Lead Officer (Sergeant)
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  Asistant Lead Officer (Corporal)
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  Security Officer (Unarmed)
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  Security Officer (Armed)
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  Personal Protection Officer
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  Security Detail Personnel
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  ESS Project Manager
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  ESS Supervisor
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  Lead Technician
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  Technician  II
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  Technician I
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  Bookkeeper (Accounting)
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  Auto-CAD Designer
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  Personnel Assistant
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Do you want to be an employee, read this first!

Our employees fill full-time or part-time positions depending on the lenght of the contract.  All our employees begin with a 90-day probation period.  After 90 days they are vested in the company.  Vesting into our company is a significant event in our employees’ life.  After 90 days they get a pay increase and qualify to participate in all benefits that makes us the most desirable place to work.

Applicant Screening and Selection.


The quality we bring to our environment begins long before you see our employees.  Each applicant is screened for possible employment in our federal contracts which usually required the equivalent to a secret security clearance.  Our pre-employment background investigation is conducted by our in-house private investigation professionals.  Each applicant is required to pass a medical examination which includes a 5-panel drug screening as well as a physical fitness test.  Most applicants are unable to meet our qualifications and additional testing may be provided in some cases.  Olympus Private Security Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender or national origin.  We abide by the age discrimination act and support employing disable persons when possible.



All our security officers are trained above the minimum standards required by the State of Texas.  Olympus Private Security Solutions has a partnership with the various top schools in the area  to provide the 40-hour level III classroom training and 30 hours of firearms training.  We will also provide the initial Springfield 40XD indoctrination required for this contract and the recertification requirements for all our security officers.  Officers will also receive professional behavior, legal, and use of minimum force (restraints) training.  All guards will be certified in First Aid and CPR, and the proper 911 procedures and communications protocol. 



Olympus Private Security Solutions takes no shortcuts.  How do we ensure we get and keep the best personnel?  Easily, we care about each one of our employees.  Each employee will be offered a competitive wage with full benefits to include health, dental, and vision insurance, disability, sick leave, vacation leave, retirement plan, performance bonuses, and others.  Each employee wants to be in the job they are performing and understand that they represent themselves, our company, and our clients to the general public.


Each employee record will be reviewed for compliance and training.  We believe in 360-degree counseling and performance feedback.  Each employee will be inspected by the shift supervisor to ensure that he/she is mission ready for his/her job.  Random checks and testing for controlled substances will be performed.    Each employee will also be trained in areas as applicable to the contract and others as seen needed by management.  A better trained person is more confident, better prepared, and makes a better employee.


If you are prepared to pass the background screening, medical and/or physical fitness test, and out tough standards, we want to meet you.
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